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Podcast Production


Explain the steps to producing and publishing a podcast and provide an overview of available podcast production services/individuals with sample pricing.

Early Findings

Steps to Producing a Podcast

  • First, it's key to determine the purpose of the podcast and the target audience. It's also recommended to clarify the value that the podcast provides for the listener and to plan 10-15 episodes that capitalize on this value.
  • The next step is to decide on a name for the podcast that is creative and/or descriptive.
  • Next, experts suggest planning an overview of the podcast's episodes. Factors to consider include the length of each episode, how frequently episodes will be released, and what the episodes will be called. It's also important to decide on the format for episodes. Possible formats include interview format, solo format, or co-host format.
  • Once the planning phase is complete, the next step is to start recording episodes. One route for doing this is to partner with a podcast producing studio and use the studio's equipment and/or facilities. Otherwise, recording requires equipment (this can be as basic as a computer with a built-in microphone), and recording/producing software (one recommended software is Audacity).
  • Once everything is set up, the episodes will need to be scripted and any co-hosts or guests will need to be brought in for the recording (this can be remote).
  • After recording is complete, the next step is editing. This requires some basic knowledge of audio producing and editing, or there are software options that can help you with this process. Alitu, for example, is a podcast producing tool.
  • To publish a podcast, the key is to select a podcast hosting platform to host your media files.
  • Finally, once the podcast is hosted on a media platform, it can be submitted to various podcast directories (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) and made available to audiences.

Podcast Production Services

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