Presidential Election: Bolivia


To identify the following information related to Boliva's upcoming presidential election: competitors for presidency , who is leading the polls , major social media platforms regarding political conversation , Characterization of the voters , short analysis of the media presence of Luis Fernando Camacho , and sentiment regarding Luis Fernando Camacho.

Early Findings

Presidential Candidates

  • According to Prensa Latina News Agency, Rightist leaders Carlos Mesa of the Civic Community (CC) and Chi Hyun Chung of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) were the first presidential candidates to be announced for the 2020 general elections.
  • It further states that far-right coup leaders Luis Fernando Camacho and Marco Antonio Pumari will inform their candidacies subject to the "definition of the electoral agenda and the pronouncement of other parties."
  • An article from the South China Morning Post states that the Bolivian congress approved a bill that prevents former president Evo Morales from contesting in the next presidential election. The bill has annulled the October 20th voting results (found to be manipulated) and has banned candidates who served in both of the two previous terms from seeking re-election for the same position.

Characteristics of Voters

  • According to the Guardian, at least 40% of the Bolivian population one of the 36 indigenous groups.
  • Another Guardian article states that the urban youth (under 25 years), which represents half of Bolivia's population is recognized as the most unpredictable voting segment. They are "more urban, educated, and middle class than their parents’ generation. Most of them have never known any government except one led by Evo".

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