Pop Music Listeners - Psychographics


To build the psychographic profile of pop music listeners, including their consumer's attitudes, hobbies, spending habits, and values towards pop-music.

Early Findings

Hobbies and Lifestyle

  • The target audience for pop music tends to like other pop-related media, such as TV shows and musical films.
  • They also tend to be very fashionable.
  • Their hobbies include "sport, fashion and spending a lot of time on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter."

Music Consumption

  • The target of pop music is usually the young generation, typically 16-25.
  • This age group spends about 180 minutes daily listening to music.
  • Their music listening is split between the following music consumption methods: FM/AM radio (17%), on-demand streaming (47%), digital downloads/files (18%), and satellite radio (9%), among others.
  • The on-demand music streaming platforms they use are YouTube (37%), Spotify (35%), Amazon Prime Music (5%), and Pandora Premium (5%).
  • The top means of music discovery for this age group are YouTube (54%) and recommendations from friends (37%).

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial search found some psychographic details for pop music listeners, we recommend continuing to find the remaining details: consumer's attitudes, spending habits, values, likes, and dislikes towards pop-music.
To get a better understanding of the best channels to market to pop music listeners, we could identify the media consumption patterns for pop music listeners. This will include the media and social media channels they are using, the time they spend on social media, and how they are using social media platforms.
Alternatively, we could provide 2-3 insights surrounding creating a successful business plan for a pop music artist. These insights could include, but not limited to, what the parts of a business plan are, the mission statement, touring plans, and media strategy. If data for pop music artists is not available, we will cover the creation of a successful business plan for a music artist in general.