Research Outline

Pop Music Fans Psychographics


To determine the consumer attitudes, spending habits, values, likes, and dislikes of the pop music fans.

Early Findings

Spending Habits

  • Serious pop music fans will spend over $422 a year on pop music.

General Insights

  • 63% of fans listen to pop music while relaxing at home.
  • 54% listen while cooking or cleaning.
  • 36% listen while exercising at gym.
  • 36% listen at concerts or gigs.
  • 64% of people listen to pop music as a genre.
  • In India, 96% of music is listened to via mobile devices.
  • Indians most popular genres, in descending order, are Bollywood New, Bollywood Old, Indian Classical, Pop, and Rock.


  • Pop fans concentrate on quantity rather than quality.

General Attributes

  • Pop music fans are typically extroverted, honest, and conventional. They tend to be hardworking, with a high self-esteem, although they are less creative and more uneasy.

Likes and Dislikes

  • While country music fans like pop music, the reverse is not true with most pop fans disliking country music.
  • Pop music fans are unlikely to branch out and listen to different genres.
  • Pop music fans are the least open-minded music fans.


  • We have managed to identify further aspects of the psychographic profile of pop music fans. With the overall goal of creating a business plan, we suggest the following steps.