Irrigation Systems in the U.S.


To identify the areas where irrigation is conducted most in the U.S. This will inform a marketing research.

Early Findings

Irrigation in the U.S.

Proposed next steps:

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Since the initial research identified the states that have the most irrigation, we are suggesting further research that provides 3-5 irrigation technology advances in the U.S. This is any new technology that has been developed in the past two years in the U.S., maybe due to environmental changes. For each, we will provide extensive information surrounding why it was developed, what problem (s) it was designed to solve, how it has helped with irrigation and crop production, and 1-2 instances of how it is being used in specific farms.
We can also identify 3-5 irrigation systems that are used in the U.S. For each system, we will provide a 5-7 description, where it is most commonly used (2-3 places), the crops that are in most cases grown using the system, and common challenges that come with its usage.