Destination/Tourism Mobile Apps


To determine the popularity of destination mobile applications and its usage to help in launching a new product for tourist destinations that will involve the use of a mobile app.

Early Findings

  • Destination mobile applications provide answers to any travel questions. A tourist can use the apps to customize their itinerary.
  • Destination mobile applications are becoming popular because they offer a one-stop solution for users. Users can find car rentals, insurance information, ticket booking, travel-related shopping in one place.
  • About 15% of tourists use destination/tourism mobile applications to plan for a trip ahead.
  • Around 30% of people use destination/tourism mobile apps to search for hotels and flight deals.
  • Travel and tourism applications were ranked 7th, among the most downloaded Apps categories.

Why Destination Mobile Apps are Popular

Potential Marketing Tool

  • Destination mobile apps provide a platform for tourism businesses to stay connected to their customers by use of social media to interact directly with the clientele. The apps provide a way of knowing what the users are planning for the next trip.

Easy Booking

  • Users can book a trip to their favourite destination with one click. All the bookings and travel arrangements can be made from one platform.

Simplifies Transactions

  • One of the advantages of using destination mobile applications is simplified transactions as it reduces the paperwork process. Smartphones enable the user to save a soft copy of ticket bookings, reservations, and other things. All payments can be made from the app, and it promotes cashless travel.

Virtual views of Destination

  • Using the app enables travellers to have a glance at the holiday destination before physical travel. The user can view photos and videos of the place to help them plan better.

Some Features on Destination Mobile Apps


The initial one-hour research led us to find some insights into the usage of destination mobile applications, standard features of the apps, and some information that made the destination/tourism mobile apps popular, among its users.

Research proposal:

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