Research Outline

Popular Health Services


To identify the most popular healthcare companies that were founded in the past 5-7 years in the developing market.

Early Findings

Jio Health

  • Jio Health started as a US-based venture which later relocated to Vietnam in 2014 after its founders saw the opportunity to offer tech-driven healthcare solutions to people in Southeast Asia.
  • It provides on-demand healthcare services including primary care, chronic disease management, pediatrics and ancillary care services. Jio Health currently operates through a mobile app (iOS and Android) with a physical facility in Saigon.
  • The company serves its patients from the initial diagnosis to recovery. Patients are able to input their symptoms into the app and book an appointment with a doctor, and if the diagnosis is straightforward, the prescribed drugs will be delivered to the patient. If further testing on-site or a hospital visit is required, travel arrangements can also be arranged via the app. In addition, preventive health measures are taken with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • In 2019, the company had raised $5 million in series A funding led by VC fund Monk Hill’s Ventures. During the same year, Jio Health was honored by the Tin & Dung program for being among the 100 products and services that are trusted and appreciated by consumers in Vietnam.