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To identify trends surrounding marketing technology that's website-related for each of the four industries: higher education, member-based associations, grant-making foundations, and healthcare/hospital systems. For each trend, an overview of what the trend is, numerical data to support the trend, factors driving the trend, and examples of the marketing tools used will be provided.

Early Findings

Industry: Higher Education

  • This is one of the marketing technology trends in higher education: universities make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly. About "43% of all internet traffic in the United States comes from mobile devices."
  • Another marketing technology trend is the use of search engine optimization (SEO) as universities have been "paying close attention to their website’s search rankings." About "93% of people use a search engine" in surfing the web.
  • Web content personalization is also a trend. Universities have been implementing a personalization pyramid that has three levels: optimization, segmentation, and one-to-one personalization. In one-to-one personalization, "artificial intelligence ensures that content is directly relevant to what an individual user is looking for."
  • Some personalization engine platforms are Acquia Lift and Evergage.

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