Research Outline

Most Popular Supermarket Products


To obtain a list of the top 50 supermarket products sold in New York City, based on popularity.

Early Findings

  • The most popular grocery store items in the United States, by category, are grocery (food), meat and seafood, produce, dairy, frozen food, deli, grocery (non-food), alcohol, health and beauty care, bakery, general merchandise, and floral. (screenshot)
  • In 2018, "about $27.83 billion were generated by non-food grocery sales in U.S. supermarkets".
  • The most common grocery list items in the United States include soda, beer, cereal, frozen dinners, salty snacks (such as chips or pretzels), milk, and bread.
  • "Americans spend about $8 billion a year on salty snacks."
  • "According to Home Steady, Americans spend about $10 billion annually on bread and rolls at the grocery store alone."