Research Proposal

Pornhub - Reddit Case Study


To complete an analysis of Pornhub's activity on Reddit specifically how Pornhub uses Reddit to promote itself and drive new subscribers, website traffic, and engagement to understand better PornHub's strategy, insights, and practices, that could be adopted by competing adult brands.

Early Findings

Pornhub on Reddit

  • Pornhub has its own channel on Reddit with a number of different feeds. Users are required to verify that they are eighteen before entering the channel. The channel has 68,500 members.
  • The primary page has many video posts to be watched on the page. These video posts have an average length of under one minute. Different users seemingly post them. It is noteworthy that a number of these types of posts are from rival internet porn sites, and although they do not provide a link to that specific site, it is prominent on the screen. If the video is clicked on, users are taken to Gfycat, a collection of different GIFs, that contains the original video and the capability to search for similar content.
  • There are also a range of posts that have a link to a video on Pornhub directly, where the viewer can watch an extended (not complete) version of the video, which averages anywhere between five to twenty minutes. They do not have a teaser on Reddit. The full version of the video requires the payment of a subscription.
  • Each post records the number of views and has a mechanism whereby users can vote either favorably or unfavorably. A number appears on the post, which is an indication of the popularity of the video. The user needs to register with Reddit if they wish to engage in this manner actively.
  • A range of picture posts are also on the primary site. These are predominantly posted by community members. A typical picture post looks like the sample provided here.


  • Most of our first hour of research has been spent reviewing the primary Pornhub channel and briefly analyzing the information available. There is still a considerable volume of information to go through to understand how Pornhub utilizes Reddit to its benefit. Our initial research suggests that this information is readily available.
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