Research Outline

Portable Toilets/Washrooms (2)


Gain information on the market size of portable toilets in Canada and/or North America, as well as data on companies selling or renting portable washrooms that integrate special technology to address COVID, average cost of renting and purchasing a portable washroom, and information on typical customers.

Early Findings

While there was limited data specific to the Canadian portable toilet market size, we found the following relevant data on the global market.
  • A key driver fueling the demand for portable toilets is the rise of government investments in order to provide proper public toilets.
  • The pandemic has further fueled demand, as well as fueling industry transformation, specifically around how portable toilets are lifted and handled.
  • The portable toilets market has a projected growth of 4.87% per year between 2019 to 2027.
  • However, this statistic was projected pre-COVID, and thus takes into account a significant demand from events industry, which may decline due to social distancing regulations.
  • COVID has increased the demand for options to avoid the use of shared public restrooms, with many stores in North America having portable camping potties on back order.
  • While some businesses have tried to make traditional bathrooms safer by closing every other stall and sink and increasing cleanings, many are closing and putting in single portable toilets instead.
  • These have emerged as a more attractive option primarily because they are used by one person at a time.
  • Portable toilets and hand washing stations are coming into higher demand for cities with homelessness issues, given COVID has limited access to public bathrooms in businesses.
  • TOTO, a global plumbing manufacture, is now showcasing high-tech solutions to improve the out-of-home restroom experience through smart systems and recently introduced their 'Cleanovation' brand commitment to improving public and personal sanitation systems.