Research Proposal

Power Generation Equipment Rental Company Peer Financials


To explore the availability of the following data points on the competitor companies listed in the attached spreadsheet; Power Rental Original Equipment Acquisition Cost, Genset Rental Fleet Size, Financial Utilization, Time Utilization, EBIT, Total Capital, and Intangible Assets

Early Findings

  • Of the list provided, those that are publicly held; thus will have publicly available data on revenue are; Aggreko, Bredenoord, Atlas Copco, and Jassim Transport.
  • UE Power & Resources Pte Ltd, Coates Hire, Kennard’s Hire, RSS, Byrne Equipment, A Geradora, Juan Seco, Shoreline Power, Genrent Energia, Jozi Power are privately held, and may have limited data.
  • Intangible assets at Aggreko totalled 235 million £, or 283 million USD.
  • The Europe Power Rental Market is experiencing rapid growth, with a projected CAGR of 7.1% from 2019 to 2024. Market size for 2019 is projected at 1.6 billion USD.
  • Top players by revenue in the Europe Power Rental Market for 2018 were Caterpillar, Inc., Aggreko, Atlas Copco, Bredenoord, and Loxam.
  • Atlast Copco Group had a revenue of 95 363 MSEK, or 9. 9 billion USD in 2018. Their operating margin was 22.2%.
  • Jassim Transport went public in 2017, and in 2019 their asset management arm exited their controlling stake in the company.

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