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To compare how PR agencies in Austin, Texas talk about and promote themselves, including which social media profiles they have and how they use them, whether they have a blog and what kind of posts they share there, and what press releases they've published about themselves.

Early Findings

G&S Business Communications


  • For the purposes of this research, this is the website for G&S Business Communications.
  • While the company has four offices throughout the world, their headquarters are located in New York City.
  • Additional offices are located in Chicago IL, Raleigh NC, and Switzerland.
  • G&S Business Communications does not have a blog.
  • On their website, the company describes themselves as helping "clients compete in a global marketplace that demands smarter thinking and purposeful innovation. With strategic public relations and marketing communications programs, we build enduring relationships for your business and brands along the entire value chain. From increasing sales to enhancing reputations, we inspire action that drives results".
  • They describe their philosophy as being focused on inspiring "people to take action, resulting in business growth for our clients".

Social Media

  • G&S Business Communications is active on various social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Recent Tweets from the organization include links to a recent ad videos, as well as links to press releases published by the company.
  • Alternatively, recent Instagram posts have provided photos of the agency's team hard at work, along with captions such as "our business is inspiring action for our clients. But telling their stories - that’s what inspires us. Check out the video link in our bio for a little inspiration this holiday season".
  • Their Instagram posts typically receive around fewer than 100 likes and very few if any comments.
  • Engagement on their Facebook posts is similar, with fewer than 100 reactions per post and very few comments.
  • Similarly, while they have over 17,000 followers on the platform, the company's LinkedIn page sees very little engagement.
  • Throughout their social profiles, their LinkedIn is the most popular with over 17,000 followers, compared to Instagram, which has the fewest at just over 200.

Press Releases

  • Along with articles published about the company, G&S Business Communications has listed all recent press releases issued by them on their website's news page.
  • In December, the company issued a press release announcing the appointment of Steve Halsey as their chief growth officer.
  • In November, they announced the appointment of Ron Loch as chief operating officer and Brian Hall as managing director for the company.
  • Earlier, in September, the company issued a news release indicating that they've elected "agency veterans Caryn Caratelli and Stephanie D. Moore to its shareholder group with promotions to managing director".

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