Predictions for 2035


To understand general future predictions, as well as those related to technology and healthcare, in order to facilitate preparations for a client meeting.

Early Findings

  • Futurists are predicting that by 2035 there will be trains that are 3 times faster than airplanes.
  • Using 3D printers to print human organs in hospitals is expected to be widespread by 2035.
  • Futurists also expect the earth to experience a "mini ice age" as solar activity decreases by 1%.
  • Scientists are expected to have developed the cure for "HIV through genome editing to cut the HIV genome out of DNA."
  • A vaccine that will rid the world of HIV/AIDS is expected to have been developed by 2025.
  • Autonomous vehicles are also expected to be widespread by 2035, taking a share of about 38% of total car sales.
  • Bill Gates predicts that there will be no poor country by 2035 if the current level of aid to poor countries is sustained. Bill Gates defined poverty based on the current World Bank standard of poverty, which is people leaving below $1,90 a day.
  • Futurists also expect that gene-editing technology will allow scientists to cure genetic diseases.

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