Predictive Analytics Market - Insurance


To provide insights on the predictive analytics market in insurance specifically opportunities, current solution providers, and case studies. Research will be used to identify a new potential market.

Early Findings



  • EMERJ names the following predictive analytics solutions providers catering to insurance companies.
  • Rapidminer deploys data science teams to create machine learning models for specific insurance uses cases such as minimizing customer churns.
  • Alteryx and Guidewire offer solutions for managing customer payouts.
  • Cloudera offers a predictive analytics solutions that help minimize inaccurate quotes and detect fraud.

Proposed next steps:

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The initial hour of research found a number of opportunities for predictive analytics in the insurance industry as well as an initial list of solution providers catering to insurance companies. We recommend continuing research to provide 2-3 case studies of predictive analytics in insurance. Each case study will include a brief outline of the need/problem, solution via predictive analytics, and success metrics as available.
We also recommend continuing research to identify the top 3-4 predictive analytics solutions providers for insurance companies. We will determine top either by revenue or number of customers as available.
We can also continue research to provide a competitive landscape of the identified top players. The competitive landscape will include each company's website, competitive advantage, solutions/products, pricing and featured customers as available.