Williams RDM


To learn about Williams RDM in order to gain an understanding of the challenges the company is facing both industry-wise and from key executive perspectives. This will be achieved by providing the following:
A SWOT analysis of the company, focused on highlighting any challenges the company currently / expects to face.
A professional profile of Ben Hoskins and Tres Moulton, including details on their education, details on their work history and accomplishments, any statements on their business philosophies, and a summary/links of any recent press articles on him, including recent interviews, profiles
Identifying 7-8 prominent key executives (C-Suite, VP, Director, Senior Manager, and Above) within Williams RDM
A description of how e-commerce solutions may be able to help the company solve the challenges identified in the previous research.

Early Findings

  • Williams RDM was formed as Williams Pyro, by Bob and Della Williams, in 1963.
  • WilliamsRDM, Inc., is a woman-owned, privately held small business located in Fort Worth, Texas that, over the last 50 years, has become known for "its innovative product development and short-run, high-complexity precision manufacturing." The companies current CEO is co-founder Della Williams.
  • Williams RDM develops and manufactures more than 200 unique products—all designed in house for use in the aerospace, defense, and energy sectors.
  • Williams RDM was originally known as Williams Pyro. The company was rebranded in 2013.
Key Executives
  • Williams RDM is a small company that does not provide the names of its key executives on its website. By searching news articles and LinkedIn, we were able to obtain the names of eight key executives or people of importance within the company. Below we have provided each person's name, title, and a link to their LinkedIn profile page. We were unable to find a LinkedIn profile for Della Williams.

Summary of the Finding Relevant to the Results
  • During our first hour of research we were able to determine that before being rebranded as Williams RDM in 2013, the company was originally known as Williams Pyro. The company does not provide leadership information on its website. Using news articles and LinkedIn, we were able to provide the names of eight individuals who are either key executives otherwise hold leadership positions within the company. We did not have time to research the remaining parts of your ask and, as such, have provided the option to continue the research needed to provide the remaining required information.

Research proposal:

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