B2B SaaS Pricing Models


To understand B2B SaaS pricing models, their psychology, and companies that use these models.

Early Findings


1. Freemium Pricing

  • This pricing model allows users to have access to certain features while offering the option for an upgrade.
  • This pricing model allows access to certain features or for a limited period of time while encouraging users to buy the paid plan for additional features.
  • This pricing model has been used for several years.



  • This model is not ideal for making a profit and the company's revenue may be hit hard for a while.
  • There is a risk that once the free period is over, users may simply discard it, increasing the churn rate.

Companies that offered freemium pricing successfully


2. Per user pricing

3. Per active user pricing
4. Flat rate pricing
  • This is a pricing model that charges a flat rate fee regardless of the number of users.
  • Buffer uses this pricing model. It offers three plans: pro, premium, and business.
5. Per feature pricing

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