Research Outline

Modern E-commerce 3PLs - Competitive Analysis


To provide a competitive analysis of the top five tech-forward, e-commerce focused 3PLs, including, but not limited to, ShipBob, ShipMonk, and Airhouse. This information will be used to inform Saltbox's Series A pitch deck and related talking points.

Early Findings

E-Commerce Focused 3PLs

Summary of Findings

  • Our initial hour of research was spent reviewing the shared pitch deck, identifying the most relevant 3PL companies, shortlisting data points to include in the competitive analysis (based on contents in the pitch deck, relevance, and publicly available information), providing some relevant findings, and creating the project spreadsheet.
  • While we came across several top e-commerce 3PL companies, we have shortlisted WhiteBox and Shipwire for the competitive analysis after reviewing the product, technology, and service offerings of each of the 8 companies mentioned above.
  • The remaining three companies (ShipBob, ShipMonk, and Airhouse) were already provided.
  • Since no geographic focus was provided, we have assumed a global focus for this research.
  • The competitive analysis of these companies will be compiled in this spreadsheet. We have populated the names, websites, and highlights of some services of the identified companies in the spreadsheet.
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