Travel Trends: Customization and Self Driving


To identify travel trends related to customization and self-driving, and media mentions related to this topic for a meeting with a client (Rocky Mountaineer).

Early Findings

Customized Travel Trends

  • Auto Rental News has reported that luxury travelers are seeking "experiential travel that is personalized and all-encompassing."
  • An article by Peek Pro states that curated experiences and the chance to "live like a local" are some of the emerging trends in travel. It further states that travel companies that provide customers with a completely customizable itinerary and provide the opportunity to learn something new would appeal to this market.
  • According to Travel Pulse, there is an increasing trend towards custom-designed itineraries. However, the demand for tour packages is not showing signs of decline. Rather, the two styles are blending to produce new variations and hybrid forms of travel.
  • Boomers are leading the trend towards personalization. The emphasis is on personalization and freedom with a package that provides simplicity and value (The Globus family of brands).
  • The trend towards customization goes hand-in-hand with the rising interest in special-interest themed tours (e.g adventure, culinary, etc.). The trend is towards a flexible itinerary with a strong theme behind it (Sceptre Tours).

Self-Driving Travel Trends

  • According to PR Newswire, tourists from developed as well as emerging markets prefer to rent luxury and high-end cars. The rental market for luxury vehicles is expected to grow at the highest spaced during 2019-2024.
  • National Post reports that according to experts, there is a slow-moving trend of travelers moving away from relying on a single mode of transportation. Europe, which has a robust mass-transit infrastructure is ahead in the trend towards multi-modality.

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