Research Outline

Consuming Information Research


To understand how much information we consume each day. An ideal response would include:
  • The amount of information consumed across all mediums. This can be defined as via social media, at work, through conversation, and similar.
  • Where the most information on a daily basis is consumed on average?
  • How much information people are exposed to each day.
  • The amount of information the human brain can contain, on average, expressed in relation to a data measurement to compare it to.
  • Whether the amount of information a person can store/remember changes as they get older.
  • Whether there are any non-human species that can remember or hold more information than humans, and if no, the 5 species that come closest.
  • The occupations that people have that come across the most information/learnings on a daily basis.
  • Ideally, the sources used to address these questions would be scientific research from reputable sources.
  • Graphs and reference images would be appreciated.