Private Company Market Size


Identify the total market size in Canadian dollars of the private company market in Canada as well as a break down of the market by sector and the average value by sector.

Early Findings

Canadian Private Company Market

  • According to Crunchbase, there is a total of 9,773 private companies in Canada. Of these companies, 6,023 are listed as "for profit" companies and 38 are listed as "nonprofits." Because this database provides data on start-ups, we do not believe that this is a complete list of companies.
  • Funding for the private company market in Canada is valued at $35.9 billion.
  • In the private sector in Canada, 69.7% of private companies are small businesses, 19.9% are medium businesses, and 10.4% are large businesses.
  • Private sector employment by industry:
  • Goods-Producing Sector: 3.044 million employees.
    • Agriculture: 111,500 employees.
    • Forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction: 280,6 00employees.
    • Utilities: 15,100 employees.
    • Construction: 1 million employees.
    • Manufacturing: 1.637 million employees.
  • Service-Producing Sector: 8.85 million employees.
    • Wholesale and retail trade: 2.522 million employees.
    • Transportation and warehousing: 607,100 employees.
    • Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing: 897,6 00 employees.
    • Professional, scientific and technical services: 981,5 00 employees.
    • Business, building and other support services: 564,000 employees.
    • Educational services: 105.,600 employees.
    • Health care and social assistance: 964,200 employees.
    • Information, culture and recreation: 537,600 employees.
    • Accommodation and food services: 1.112 million employees.
    • Other services (except public administration): 558,500 employees.

Proposed next steps:

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Based on our initial research, market size in terms of dollar amount is most likely unavailable publicly due to private companies not being required to publicly disclose financial data. We could continue with research by attempting to triangulate the data in one 3-hour research block. In addition, we would provide an analysis of the market by sector in which we would provide the number of companies in each sector. We could attempt to provide value by sector in this report as well, however, this may not be publicly available.
Alternatively, we could continue only with the breakdown by sector as actual valuation is most likely unavailable.
In addition, we could take a different approach and provide the market size by the number of total companies in Canada that are private and what percentage of total companies that is. We would also provide a breakdown by sector in terms of total number of companies per sector.