Research Outline

Venture Capital Market


To obtain a financial analysis of the US VC market, the amount of capital available for investment, and the number of total private equity companies US and global. To obtain an analysis of the large, medium, small players and the percentage of investments in various industries, specifically in the US, specifically, the percentage invested in the nutraceutical space in the manufacturing industry.

Early Findings


  • As of 2017, the industries that attracted the most venture capital in the US were
    • Software: 36.2%
    • Biotechnology: 17.3%
    • Media and entertainment: 9.5%

VC Overview


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  • According to the National Venture Capital Association, manufacturing accounts for $30 billion of VC investments.
  • In 2017, Pharma and biotech manufacturing sectors received 15 percent of the VC investments in this industry.