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To create personas by compiling the demographics for private security for high net worth, ultra-high net worth people and families and C-suite employees in order to build an audience of for a private security firm and construct strategic pathways to ultra-high net worth individuals.

Early Findings

Private Security

Top Private Security Companies

High and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

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Private Security Employees of The Selected Population

Proposed next steps:

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Due to the availability of information on the top private security companies, we recommend a deep dive on the top private security companies in the world which would identify their top private security employees for ultra-high net worth individuals. This will be divided thus: 1. 2 projects to identify the top 6 private security companies (3 per project). This will include a brief description of the companies and their top 2 employees in private security (if possible their employees for ultra-high net worth individuals and families and C-suite executives. 2. 3 projects to compile the demographics of the identified top employees (4 per project).
Alternatively, we recommend 3 case studies of 2 top ( or most celebrated) private security employees each (based on justifiable metrics) These case studies will encompass an analysis of their demographics including age, race and so on. These will serve to build personas for the demographics.
On the other hand, we recommend identifying the private security employees of a good number of top ultra-high net worth individuals in the world. After identifying the employees, the research will continue to creating profiles of such employees and finally, the information obtained will be analysed to extract the most recurring demographics or demographic ranges of such employees. This will be done as follows: 1. First part of 3 projects to identify 4 ultra-high net worth individuals and families in the world and identify their private security employees both past and present (if possible since some of this information might be confidential). 2. Second part of 4 projects to compile the demographics of the private security employees obtained in the first part (3 per project). This will include age, income, race and so on. 3. Third part to analyse and summarize the information on the employees in order to generate demographic personas for the employees.