Probiotics Articles


To find how many articles in the past that have considered probiotics to be bad or "a fad".

Early Findings

  • The Ticker published an article last week that probiotics might be bad for one's health.
  • An MD Linx article from last week was titled, "Can probiotics cause more harm than good?"
  • The Conversation UK has an article called, "Kombucha, kimchi and yogurt: how fermented foods could be harmful to your health".
  • Yahoo! Lifestyle ran an article on probiotics for babies.
  • Inverse has an article about kombucha.
  • The Independent: "How probiotics can be doing more harm than good"
  • The Irish News has an article than some probiotics could be making people stay sick longer.
  • Inside FMCG also covered that kombucha, kimchi, etc might be bad for some people.
  • MD Linx has an article from April about probiotics good and bad.
  • ZME Science has an article claiming probiotics are "rarely useful".
  • STAT News writes that probiotics may harm the immune system.
  • The Wall Street Journal has an article on 'bad' probiotics.
  • News Atlas has an article on the cons of probiotics.
  • Bustle writes about probiotics might make one feel sicker.
  • These results represent the first five pages from a news aggregator search engine, filtered for the past year.

Proposed next steps:

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