Research Outline

Crumpled Kraft Paper Bag Mass Production Process


Determine if it is possible to mass produce kraft brown bags that are made of crumpled or wrinkled material. Obtain information on how to manufacture such design and if there is a special machine or paper that may fit. If there is a special machine, obtain information on the supplier and the machine. Determine also if there are alternatives to this process such as modification of existing machinery, innovative process to crumple paper, or other cost-effective processes.

Early Findings

Crumpled Kraft Bag Mass Production Process

  • This sheet-feeding bag tube forming machine (LQ1200B) from the Shanghai UPG International Trading Co., Ltd. can mass product paper bags at a rate of 60 to 80 bags per minute.
  • The machined can accept various types of paper such as those that are already creased as raw materials.
  • The supplier's can be contacted using the chat box in this link.

Crumpled Paper Bag

The picture in this link shows a picture of a reinforced crumpled paper bag.

Paper Crumpling Machine

A patent was filed for a process and a machine that can be used to mass crumple paper.

Summary of Findings

  • Our one hour of research provided a link to a machine that can mass produce brown paper bags from crumpled materials. We also indicated the contact information of the supplier.
  • We also presented a link to the closest brown paper bag product that we can find that is made of crumpled material.
  • We also indicated a link to the patent document of a machine that can mass-crumple paper products.