Research Outline

Product Sales at US Surplus Stores, Tactical Gear Stores and Related Online Retailers


  • Overall tactical gear apparel market revenue
  • How many merchants are there
  • Who are the biggest merchants
  • Roughly what apparel revenue do they sell
  • What followings do they have on social channels
  • What products are they selling most of

Early Findings

Industry Statistics
External Factors
Online Retailers
  • Published list of the 8 best online surplus stores.
  • Ranger Joe's — A military surplus store located in Columbus, Georgia. Ranger Joe's is a well-known military store that sells a wide range of army clothing equipment for those who are interested in buying anything that's inspired by the military. They've been active since 1963, and they provide a wide range of clothing from uniforms to belts, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, and even clothing for kids. They have 57k followers on Facebook plus several thousand on other platforms.
  • Describing themselves as the world-wide leader in military surplus, Sportsman’s Guide is a surplus store that sells military clothing, boots and shoes, tactical gear, and military collectibles. It’s also a surplus gear store that delivers across the globe. They have 454k followers on Facebook, 65k on Instagram, plus thousands more across other platforms.
  • Army Surplus Warehouse is seen to be one of the best military surplus online stores ever. Formed in 1977, they focus on providing and selling top-quality military clothing and gear to those who are looking for genuine material.
New Products To Sell
Research Challenges
  • There are lots of companies who trade in tactical gear, but the total number of merchants or retail outlets in the US is difficult to determine because many sellers sell equipment alongside other products.
  • US surplus stores are generally 'brick and mortar' type enterprises, and some of these operate with little or no online presence.
  • The traditional surplus store has diversified from exclusively selling military surplus equipment to selling imported stock and in some cases, reportedly low quality equipment.
  • Absolute sales revenue for tactical gear retailers is difficult to determine in some cases, and there is a lack of reliable and readily available information online.