Research Outline

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software Products


  • Identify products to run a multi-vendor marketplace, with a list of products, their features and pricing.

Early Findings

  • While e-Commerce products like Magento, Shopify, and others exist, these are inventory-based systems and unsuitable for a multi-vendor platform which requires a substantial marketplace product instead, with support for vendors, vendor dashboards, products, tracking, revenue, analytics, payments and other modules. The following are multi-vendor marketplace software products that meet these requirements.


  • CS-Cart powers 35,000 stores and marketplaces.
  • Pricing begins at $US 1,450, and goes to $US 7,500. There are no recurring fees.
  • Features include configurable vendor plans, separate vendor panel, separate mini store per vendor, customer-to-vendor communication, vendor account balance and sales information, vendor terms and conditions and info panels, vendor-specific categories, import and export, over 70 integrated payment methods, multi-language, multi-currency and taxes, responsive themes, loyalty programs, commissions, multiple storefronts, and mobile applications.


  • Yo!Kart is a scalable multi-vendor marketplace for startups through to large organizations.
  • Pricing is $US 999 or $US 6,999 with the difference being the more expensive package offers custom designs. The lower package offers only a default design. There are no recurring fees.
  • Features include order management, multi-currency, multilingual, multi-vendor e-commerce, discount coupons, CMS, ShipStation API integration, streamlined checkout, responsive design, affiliate marketing, SEO functionality, reward and discounts, abandoned cart detection and 15 payment gateways.


  • Shopygen is a white-labeled multi-vendor software product.
  • Pricing is $US 399, or $US 999. The higher price includes Android and iOS apps. There are no recurring fees.
  • Features include Facebook Messenger integration, unique seller dashboards, newsletter management and multiple revenue channels.

WordPress Dokan Plugin

  • Dokan is a plugin for WordPress that adds multi-vendor marketplace support for the popular open-source content management system (CMS) WordPress. It builds on top of the popular e-Commerce plug-in, WooCommerce, expanding its features.
  • Pricing begins at $0, ranging to $US 999 per year. It is an annually-licensed product. All pricing options include unlimited vendors, but the paid options include increasingly more features such as commissions, support, additional site licenses, additional payment options and other features.
  • Features include geolocation, import and export, commissions, differing payment options, subscriptions, reporting and social logins.

X-Cart Multi-Vendor Software

  • X-Cart builds on 20 years of experience.
  • Pricing is not publicly listed, and is available on request.
  • Features include an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, real-time searching, mobile-first design, over 120 payment providers, SEO tools, marketing tools, loyalty programs, analytics, fraud detection, separate vendor storefronts and dashboards, security and subscription support for recurring payments.

Spree Commerce

  • Spree Commerce is an open source e-commerce platform that can be integrated into existing projects and with existing applications.
  • Pricing is not publicly listed, and is available on request.
  • Features include native mobile applications, fast search, personalization and recommendations, wishlists, packaging and gift-wrapping options, 144 supported payment gateways, subscription and membership support, returns, multiple shopfronts, translations, analytics and integrations into other shopfronts.

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