Professional Profile Research


To create professional profiles for the following people within Cognizant: Robert Painter, Scott Lawrence, Lynne La Cascia, Ed Abrams, Celia Tennenbaum,
Venu Venkateswaran, and Guy Daniels.


  • Robert Painter has been with Cognizant since 2009. Prior to his current role, he was Vice President of Corporate Marketing.
  • Scott Lawrence holds a BS in Communications from Boston University (graduated in 2002) and received his Master's in Business Administration from Fordham University in 2011.
  • Lynne La Cascia describes herself as a 'marketing executive with an aptitude for strategy, a hunger for big ideas and a passion for bringing them to life to produce business results. I find the essence of complex businesses, products and technologies and connect it to their markets, driving association, consideration and credibility of evolving capabilities; enhancing understanding and memorability of abstract strategies; and engaging teams in living values and achieving objectives." She graduated from Yale (with a BS in Economics and Applied Mathematics) in 1995 which likely points to her being 46-47 years old.
  • Immediately prior to his joining Cognizant, Ed Abrams was a Vice President of Marketing with Samsung Electronics of America.
  • Celia Tennenbaum is a member of Sirius Decisions,The CMO CLUB, CMO Executive Network, and the American Marketing Association.
  • Venu Venkateswaran is described by colleagues as someone whose "strength lies in managing relationships and operations. In a team, he is the 'balancing factor' who can hold the team together and manage diversities. His ability to visualize a process and to implement it are commendable."
  • Guy Daniels received a BA (with Honors) in Philosophy from the University of Nottingham in 1985, leading to an assumption that he is likely approximately 55 years old.

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