Professions in Need of a Vacation


To establish which professions in the United States are most in need of their workers taking/enjoying vacations and further to establish an analysis of several of the top (most populated) professions in the country and how the typical hours work correlate to the average vacation time offered.

Early Findings

"A survey conducted by CareerCast found that 78% of people feel unduly stressed at work, rating their job stress at a seven or higher on a 10-point scale — that’s up from the 69% who said the same only two years ago. The biggest career stressor? Dealing with frequent, hard deadlines — 38% of people agreed on this point. Growth potential and interacting with the public tied for second place, with 14% of people naming each of these the top culprit." With such a high percentage of Americans feeling stresses in their jobs, an analysis is being provided of some of the most stressful jobs in America.

Most Stressful Jobs in United States

Insights into Vacation Times for Stressful Occupations

Most Common Professions in the US

  • Retail Employee
  • Food and Beverage
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Nurses
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