Programmable Money and Supply Chain


Obtain information on programmable money in the context of supply chain transactions or payments to better understand the market, players, ecosystems, and other aspects of the market.

Early Findings

Programmable Money and Supply Chain

  • Tradeshift is one of the major players in supply chain payments and marketplaces.
  • Tradeshift collaborated with Monerium, the first and sole authorized provider of licensed e-money for blockchains, to accomplish a technologically-advanced transaction.
  • Through "Tradeshift's platform and smart contracts solutions on Ethereum blockchain," Nordic Store, a retailer from Iceland, was able to buy products from IKEA Iceland and paid for the e-invoice with Monerium's programmable digital cash.
  • With the completion of this deal, Tradeshift and Monerium have proven that "government-regulated programmable e-money" can be introduced into the maintream sector.
  • With the increasing use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, digital contracts or smart contracts are becoming more mainstream.
  • These smart contracts have been applied in various supply chain management processes.

Proprietary Database Search Results

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Summary of Findings

Our one hour of research provided some insights on programmable money in the context of supply chain transactions and payments.

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