Programmatic Ads in India


To conduct research on the self-service programmatic advertising market in India. Specifically, this research is about companies operating in this space. The research should cover the following:

- Key buying decisions (what customers look at to drive their purchase behaviors).
- Trends.
- Pricing.
- Return on investment on these ads vs traditional ads.
- Growth drivers in this market.

Programmatic advertising is this.

Early Findings

Programmatic Advertising in India

  • Programmatic advertising serves as a replacement for manual processes, which can logically be assumed to be a key purchase driver for this technology.
  • The online advertising market in India is quite small and programmatic advertising was only introduced to the market within the past five years. As of 2017 there was a lack of adoption of this technology in India due to low awareness among marketers.
  • Match2One is a programmatic advertising platform that ranges in price from $99 per month to $1,499 and the option for large enterprise plans above this as well (custom pricing for these). This company serves clients worldwide, which would logically include India.
  • According to Match2One, many advertisers see a 200% increase in their ROI after switching to programmatic advertising.
  • A rapidly increasing number of internet users in India is a key growth driver for programmatic advertising in this country.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial findings suggest that there is a solid amount of information available about programmatic advertising in India. We can start gathering the information you need by doing the following: 1) Identify 2-3 key buying decisions (purchase drivers) and 2-3 trends evolving in this market. These findings will be specific to India, but please note that purchase drivers specific to India appears to be very limited, therefore, general purchase drivers or purchase drivers relevant to the APAC region as a whole may be substituted. When looking for purchase drivers, we may make some logical assumptions as to what the purchase drivers are based on the benefits/advantages of using this type of product, 2) An analysis of programmatic advertising pricing in India (we can find examples of 3-5 companies that have publicly available pricing information and that are serving the Indian market), and also provide 2-3 insights on the ROI of programmatic ads versus traditional ads. This information will be specific to India. If ROI data on India specifically is not available, we will expand to ROI data specific to the APAC region as a whole or provide general data. And 3) We can build a report on 4-5 growth drivers in this market that are specific to India.
Alternatively, we can conduct research on the market size and growth rate of programmatic advertising in India. As available, we can also provide insight on how this market has changed in India over the past several years.