Research Outline

Programmatic Ads in India


To conduct research on the self-service programmatic advertising market in India. Specifically, this research is about companies operating in this space. The research should cover the following:

- Key buying decisions (what customers look at to drive their purchase behaviors).
- Trends.
- Pricing.
- Return on investment on these ads vs traditional ads.
- Growth drivers in this market.

Programmatic advertising is this.

Early Findings

Programmatic Advertising in India

  • Programmatic advertising serves as a replacement for manual processes, which can logically be assumed to be a key purchase driver for this technology.
  • The online advertising market in India is quite small and programmatic advertising was only introduced to the market within the past five years. As of 2017 there was a lack of adoption of this technology in India due to low awareness among marketers.
  • Match2One is a programmatic advertising platform that ranges in price from $99 per month to $1,499 and the option for large enterprise plans above this as well (custom pricing for these). This company serves clients worldwide, which would logically include India.
  • According to Match2One, many advertisers see a 200% increase in their ROI after switching to programmatic advertising.
  • A rapidly increasing number of internet users in India is a key growth driver for programmatic advertising in this country.