List of Experts: Luxury and Spirits


To identify a list of experts in the luxury and spirits industry, specifically in the US, China, the UK, and Russia, who can provide an overview of the changes in the industry and future positioning. This research would help in preparing for an interview.

Early Findings

Experts in the United States

1. Pamela Danziger

  • Pamela Danziger is a luxury market expert, speaker, and author who is recognized for her expertise in consumer insights for luxury marketers. Her specialties include luxury branding and marketing, consumer and market insights, and affluent consumers.
  • She is currently based in Stevens, Pennsylvania.
  • Pamela advised clients such as Rémy Amerique, Cartier, and American Express among many others to help them "master the changing luxury marketplace." She is also a senior contributor on for the luxury, retail, and affluent consumer segment.
  • Her LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose finding 3-4 additional luxury/spirits experts in the United States (one request), 4 luxury/spirits experts in China (one request), and 2 in the UK along with 2 in Russia (one request) who can provide an expert view on the changes in the luxury and spirits industry, and/or evolution of high-end nightlife/experiences/entertainment hospitality, and/or evolution of the luxury consumer mindset, and/or interesting brand activation coupled with case studies. For each identified expert, we would provide an overview of their work, where they are based, and a link to their LinkedIn profiles.
We also recommend providing 3-5 trends on how the luxury market is changing. For each identified trend, we would provide what is the trend and how/why it is a trend. The research focus would be global.
We further propose finding 5-7 statistics surrounding the changing behavior of consumers in the global luxury market. The research focus would be global.