Project Management Tool Comparison


To identify and compare project management tools to inform the client’s business purchasing decisions.

Early Findings

A comparison of project management tools was started on this spreadsheet.

TrustRadius-Identified Competitors of Workamajig

  • TrustRadius identified the following competitors for Workamajig: Workfront, Asana, Wrike, Advantage, Adobe Experience Manager, Planview Projectplace, Basecamp, and Trello, Projector PSA.
  • Different products are recommended as competitors for differently-sized businesses (by TrustRadius). For small businesses, they recommend MindManager, Teamwork Projects, Airtable, Monday, Trello, Todoist, Workflow Max, Smartsheet, and Planview Projectplace. For medium-sized businesses, they recommend MindManager, Airtable, Monday, Trello, Wrike, Teamwork Projects, Smartsheet, Planview Projectplace, and Asana.
  • For enterprise-level businesses, they recommend MindManager, Planview Projectplace, Wrike, Workfront, Jira Software, Smartsheet, Trello, Microsoft Project, and Basecamp.

G2-Identified Competitors of Workamajig

  • G2 identified the following competitors for Workamajig: Mavenlink, Wrike, Workfront, Asana, Teamwork, Basecamp, Monday, and Smartsheet.
  • Mavenlink is reported to be “easier to set up, easier to admin, and better at support” than Workamajig, while Wrike is reported to be “easier to admin, easier to set up, and more usable.” Workfront is reported to be “easier to admin [and] better at meeting requirements” than Workamajig, but also “slower to reach ROI.” Both Asana and Teamwork are reported to be “easier to set up, easier to admin, and more usable” than Workamajig.

GetApp-Identified Competitors of Workamajig

  • GetApp identified multiple small (and relatively unknown) competitors for Workamajig, as well as multiple that were previously identified by other experts. Ruling out the small / unknown brands, the following were noted as primary competitors: Robohead (though this appears to be for marketing rather than project management), ProWorkflow, Wrike, Mavenlink, Easy Projects, Monday, ActiveCollab, and Asana.

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