Prospecting Contacts


To locate the direct phone numbers of Jill Sando SVP at Target, Mark Tritton CMO of Target and his assistant, Jess Blake.

Early Findings

Mark Tritton

  • suggests that a potential email address for Mark Tritton is: has an 80% confidence level in this email address based on the most common email pattern used by Target, however, also states they were not able to find an email for Mark Tritton on the web.
  • AnyMailFinder also has Mark Tritton's email as, but it is labeled as unverified.

Jess Blake

  • Potential email addresses for Jess Blake according to are (81% confidence) or (84% confidence).
  • AnyMailFinder also has Jess Blake's email as, but it is labeled as unverified.
  • Jess Blake does not have a phone number listed on LinkedIn, but it's possible to send this person a message using InMail.

Jill Sando

  • Potential email addresses for Jill Sando according to is (80% confidence) or (80% confidence).
  • AnyMailFinder also has Jill Sando's email as, but it is labeled as unverified.
  • The WhiePages appears to have some personal contact phone numbers for people named Jill Sando living near Target's Minneapolis headquarters, as shown here, here, and here, however, more extensive research would need to be conducted to determine if any of the Jill Sandos listed are likely to be the same person in question.


  • Zoominfo appears to have contact phone numbers for Jill Sando and Mark Tritton, but they are locked behind a paywall.
  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.


  • Direct contact numbers (business) for these individuals was not found to be publicly available, as is usually the case with this type of information, as direct corporate numbers/extensions are rarely made available free to the public.
  • There are wide variety of different databases that claim to have direct phone numbers for corporate entities and lead generation purposes, however, all such databases that have been located require a pay subscription to access the data.
  • Some alternative means of contact may be available, such as identifying social media profiles, looking for potential email addresses (although these email addresses tend not to be verified).
  • It might be possible to locate the personal/home phone numbers of these individuals by investigating their social media to find where they live, who they are related to, how old they are etc. which would allow for process of elimination to be applied in the WhitePages, however, in many cases corporate entities at high profile companies such as Target may often times conceal this type of information on their social media so this research path may or may not yeild successful results.

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