Research Proposal

Protective Underwear


To list tips that can help moms find the ideal protective underwear.

Early Findings


  • When looking for incontinence products, it is important to first consider primary factors such as finding a product that can handle your volume.
  • For heavy bleeders, it is important to find a more absorbent product. Post-partum bleeding (lochia), can last up to 6 weeks after giving birth and while this can be stressful, finding the right underwear can ease the stress.


  • Finding the right size includes finding a product that is easy and comfortable to wear. Some moms may opt for a size larger than they normally would wear.
  • A size larger can help you feel more comfortable in your postpartum body, as well as create more room for a pad.
  • Overly tight underwear can be uncomfortable and hard to deal with, especially when caring for an infant.


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