Research Outline

Safety of Tap Water


To find out how harmful tap water is to health, whether it is safe or downright unsafe.

Early Findings

Why Tap Water is Good for Health

  • According to an article on TAPP Water, “the World Health Organization, water institutes around the world and doctors frequently publish reports stating that this water is safer or as safe as bottled water for your health.”
  • A blog post authored by an expert states that tap water is safe for drinking as long as the right water filter is used at home.
  • Also, tap water goes through a complex system of filtration and disinfection before reaching your tap, making it safe and healthy for consumption.

Why Tap Water is Not Good for Health

  • According to a new report from an environmental advocacy watchdog group, tap water may contain carcinogenic products that increase cancer risk for thousands of U.S. citizens.
  • The peer-reviewed study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) revealed that close to 22 carcinogens are found in tap water. Some of the chemicals include arsenic, byproducts of water disinfectants, and radionuclides such as uranium and radium.
  • The EWG report further stated that “87% of the cancer risk present in tap water comes from arsenic and byproducts of common disinfectants.
  • According to Women’s Health Magazine, chemical sludge from a shoe manufacturer was found in the tap water of Plainfield Township, Michigan, in 2018.
  • According to Erik Olson, director of health and food at the NRDC, “at least 6 million city water pipes in the U.S. are made of the metal, which is so dangerous there is no acceptable safe level, and many local governments have thin budgets for replacement."