Protein Market Trends


To investigate the latest protein market trends in order to provide an added value report to a client.

Early Findings

  • Ready-to-drink protein supplements are the fastest growing type of protein globally and hold an 18% market share among other types of protein.
  • Whey and soy proteins are considered to be the most common types of protein used globally. They hold 56.7% and 15.7% market shares respectively.
  • Sports nutrition is the most common area where proteins are in high demand and held 74.8% of market share.
  • Thanks to marketing efforts, protein demand is growing among consumer groups other than muscle builders, e.g. females, millennials, and elderly people.
  • The silver lining between dietary supplements and functional food and beverages is blurring as manufacturers are increasing the quantity of protein in their products.
  • Innovations in protein products include plant proteins and protein for clear water.

Research proposal:

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