Research Outline

Employee Motivation


Provide examples of how brands are uniting and energizing employees around the company mission/vision.
  • Examples should focus on how brands connect their mission to the day-to-day tasks of employees.
  • Examples should include multiple different formats like videos to presentations, principles to events, letters from the CEO and other, more unusual activations.

Early Findings

Data Availability

While data on best practices and statistics illustrating how and why brands can connect employee experience to the company mission/vision are adequately available, data availability on specific case studies or brand communications is limited. Early research indicates that examples can be found, but no metrics of success are available.

Best Practices

  • A Reward Gateway survey of "1,500 workers and 750 senior decision-makers across the U.K., U.S., and Australia" found that only 25% and 32% of employees felt adequately informed about their company's mission and values, respectively.
  • Experts suggest providing employees with "a singular and regularly updated 'space' to access communications about mission, vision, and the future of their company."
  • According to Forbes Coaches Counsel, one best practice for communicating company vision to employees is for executives to demonstrate those values through their actions, such as executives going out of the way to help customers in front of employees.

Case Study: PreferredOne

  • Beehive helped PreferredOne, a Minnesota health insurance provider, craft "The PreferredOne Way" in order to clearly communicate their new "Company Values, Shared Culture and Guiding Principles in a way its employees could understand and embrace."
  • To develop the PreferredOne Way, Beehive utilized both interviews with executives as well as interviews and feedback from existing employees and customer members.
  • They then developed an engagement strategy and educational campaign to "introduce the PreferredOne Way and reinforce its connection to the company culture."
  • A company visual illustrating the PreferredOne Way is available to view here.


The initial research provided one case study of how companies are communicating their mission and values to employees, as well as provided some statistics and best practices on this topic, as case studies in this area are limited. While further case studies are available, metrics included in these case studies are limited.