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To identify five projects or deals in the U.S. in the last three years for each of the following companies: ASI Security, Bechtel, G4S, Global Grab, Kiewit, OSI Systems, Yates Construction LLC.

Early Findings

  • ASI Security is the security arm of Axis Global Enterprises. There is some information available on projects done by Axis Global Enterprises in the last 3 years on their website, but we did not find any information specific to ASI Security projects in our initial searches. It may be that ASI Security completes the security portion of Axis Global Enterprises and therefore these projects are not listed separately.
  • Bechtel is currently working on the Corpus Christi Liquefaction Project, which started in 2015 and is scheduled to conclude in 2022. The company is designing and building a total of three trains to carry liquefied natural gas along with the related facilities for Chiniere Energy Inc. near Corpus Christy, Texas.
  • Bechtel's Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction project is also currently underway in Kentucky, with a start date of 2003 and an expected end date of 2026. The project includes the design, construction and operation of a facility to destroy 523 tons of chemical agents.
  • In 2018, Bechtel completed the Hummel Combined Cycle Power Plant in Shamokin Dam, PA. The project resulted in the construction of a new natural gas-powered energy facility to power over 1 million homes and replaced the previous coal-powered plant.
  • In 2017, Bechtel completed the Carroll County Energy Facility Project in Ohio. The project resulted in the construction of a gas-fired energy plant capable of providing energy to 740,000 homes.
  • In 2017, Bechtel also completed the Savannah River Remidiation Project in South Carolina. The project entailed the design, construction and operation of a facility to process 37 million gallons of radioactive waste.

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