Research Outline

Top Online Trading Brokers


Compile a list of the top 50 online trading brokers to inform the creating of a business and go-to market plan. For each online trading broker identified, provide:
  • the number of subscribers.
  • AUM.
  • if they accept international investors.
  • if they have a 3rd party provider program.
  • whether 3rd party partners offered to the end customers for a fee or free.
  • contact people to query about the business potential.

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • The initial round of research indicates that data on the top online trading brokers is available in the public domain.

Top Online Trading Brokers


During the preliminary research, we identified 9 of the top online trading brokers alongside their total assets under management. Based on data availability, we anticipate being able to answer most parts of the ask, except for the AUM and number of subscribers for a handful of the online trading brokers. We've presented the data in this spreadsheet for ease of viewing.