Research Outline

Psychographic Analysis Providers


To identify companies similar to BetterUP, which analyze psychographic data of employees with the aim of helping professionals develop better work output.

Early Findings

  • BetterUp is a startup looking to help other companies better manage their business professionals. It makes use of A.I technologies, science, and human resources professionals in providing personalized development through one-one coaching of employees.
  • Based on the above, we will be identifying companies that analyze psychographic data of employees using A.I technology with the aim of identifying the best paths to improving such an employee's output.
  • An example of such a service is Humanyze. The company's goal is to help organizations understand how their teams interact in order to increase performance. It has over a decade's worth of experience in organizational network analysis and behavioral science and currently offers its services to several companies including Fortune 1,000 companies.
  • The firm uses smart ID badges to track employees around the office in order to understand how well they interact with their colleagues. From the data it gathers from these smart badges and other digital sources such as emails, Skype, chats, and memos, it draws useful insights on the employees such as how the employees work, identifies high performing teams as well as disengaged employees, and potential bottlenecks.
  • All psychographic data compiled on employees is anonymized to increase employee privacy and only aggregate data is presented to the organization.