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Gen Z Outdoor Brand Loyalty - Trends


To find 2-3 trends highlighting Gen Z's motivations for brand loyalty in the outdoor sports and/or activities space. Limit focus to noncompetitive outdoor activities such as climbing, camping, hiking, recreational cycling, etc. For each trend, explain what it is, why it was chosen it, and provide 2-3 specific examples. Regional focus is the US.

Early Findings

This hour of research found that social responsibility is a major motivating factor behind brand loyalty among Gen Z consumers. Patagonia and the North Face are two outdoor brands popular with Gen Z that are using social responsibility to target this demographic.

Trend #1: Gen Z Looks for Socially Responsible Brands

  • According to a 2019 Forbes article, Gen Z prefers to support brands "that oppose poverty and [advocate] green policies and human rights."
  • Gen Z looks for authentic brands that adhere to a set of values. Caring about people and society — not only money and profits — is a major factor in acquiring this generation's loyalty.


  • Patagonia is one of Gen Z's favorite outdoor brands and describes itself as the Activist Company. It uses its website to highlight the company's sustainability mission, its environmental support efforts, and the activism of its employees.
  • Patagonia's activism efforts include its Environmental Internship Program, the Salmon 5K Run, and Bike-to-Work Week.
  • It participates in environmental campaigns that support treating the world as our collective home and protecting its natural resources.

The North Face

  • The North Face is another Gen Z favorite outdoor brand that showcases its social responsibility efforts on its website. The company's goals are to follow sustainable manufacturing practices, protect the environment, and "empower exploration and the thrill of the unknown for as many people as possible."
  • It strives for sustainability through the use of recycled materials to make its products. Clothes the Loop and the Backyard Project are two of its sustainability campaigns that focus on recycling.
  • The North Face uses renewable energy sources at its headquarters in California, promotes climate change awareness, and advocates protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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