Research Proposal

Marketing Professionals - Psychograhics


A psychographic profile of marketing professionals who work with agencies, as well as, the pain points of these professionals that agencies can alleviate, perceived values of agency partnership, perceived drawbacks, and the most valuable services marketing and branding firms can provide.

Early Findings

Work Environment

  • Work flexibility is very important to marketing professionals. However, since majority of these professionals work full-time, one pain point they have is achieving work-life balance.
  • Of note, work-life balance is more important to marketing professionals who are women than their male counterpants. It is considered one of the main factors they try to prioritize in their professional lives.
  • Due to how much time they spend working, they appreciate partnerships with agencies that "lighten the load."

Doing what they Love

  • The most important motivator for marketing professionals - especially women - is doing something they love.
  • A lot of marketing professionals want to tell meaningful stories and "see the inside of businesses." They also want each day to offer something interesting at the agencies they work for and love solving problems. Marketers dislike activities that are repetitive.


  • Marketing professionals are more motivated than ever by financial reward.
  • Marketers who are men consider salary more important that doing what they love.

What Clients Want from Agencies

  • Clients crave and appreciate communication. Almost 90% of clients "believe that their agency could provide more added value communication."
  • They also want to be assured that the agency fully understands their business and industry. When the "Agency Management Institute asked Chief Marketing Officers, business owners and Directors of Marketing what they wanted from their agencies, this was the #1 response: “Industry knowledge”."
  • A Forbes study showed that almost 30% of clients consider media strategy the most important area their agencies offer them.


  • During our initial research, we found no information on the pain points that agencies can alleviate from marketers and the services marketers consider most valuable from agencies.
  • As a result, we focused on what marketers prioritize in their professional lives and what clients in general - including marketers - want from agencies.
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