Avid Gamers: Choices


To determine the steps considered by avid gamers to purchase a PC and details about the tradeoffs avid gamers consider while purchasing a PC. This information will be used to map the customer journey for purchasing a PC among avid gamers.

Early Findings

During our initial research, we reviewed several articles written by avid gamers to determine the purchasing triggers and tradeoffs that avid gamers consider while purchasing a PC. Through this research, we found that most of the avid gamers prefer to assemble their PC rather than buying one with inbuilt features because the inbuilt ones are on a higher price side. A summary of our findings is provided below:

Steps Considered By Avid Gamers While Purchasing A PC

  • While purchasing a PC, avid gamers make sure that the PC contains enough RAM for the smooth running of the games. The gamers mostly prefer 16 GB RAM storage for their PC.
  • Avid gamers look for PC's with a high-end GPU to ensure maximum performance.
  • High refresh rates and high screen resolution are other important things that avid gamers consider while purchasing a PC.
  • Avid gamers look for a PC with a good graphics card option and a high-performance processor.

Tradeoffs Avid Gamers Consider While Purchasing A PC

  • High-resolution PC comes with a very high price that causes avid gamers to shift their focus from the high-resolution screen towards refresh rates. As a result, avid gamers go for a PC with high refresh rate panels that are compatible with G-Sync or Free Sync thus compromising the high-resolution screen.

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