Research Outline

Custom Cut Sofa Support Board


To find a manufacturer/supplier of a 1m * 2m *20cm board, preferably made of wood, that will be used to elevate and support a sofa.

Early Findings

Our initial hour of research found some e-commerce/online retailers that may be able to provide a board that meets your specifications, but none that give you the option to order the specific size you need online.
  • Rex Lumber Company offers computerized cut-to-length options and customized gluing, within certain dimensions. To find out if they create something to meet your specifications, you need to contact one of the company's offices.
  • Hardwood Lumber Company produces wooden boards in a variety of size configurations. If your dimensions are available among the standard ones included in the drop down menus on its website, your order can be placed there. Shipping information is provided at checkout. The company is able to do custom cuts, outside its standard dimensional offerings, but must be contacted for a quote in those instances. To get access to the dimensions you require, you need to go the the countertop section of the website.

  • This was a very challenging question to find solutions for. The dimensions you are asking for are so out of the norm that many lumber yards, lumber mills, are retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot don't possess the equpment to make them. We did find two retailers with ecommerce options that might be be able to custom make a board to your specifications. The height of 20cm proved high to be the most difficult to find. To get a board that tall may require custom gluing or bonding to two or more boards of a more traditional height.
  • Additionally, we found that ran into the same issue with retailers of alternative to wood. The most successful area we found for possible solutions is countertops. Countertops can be ordered through home supply stores such as Home Depot who may be able to get creative with ordering to make something that meets your required dimensions.
  • To help find a solution that will elevate your couch, we suggest pivoting our research to look into alternative solutions.
  • Please select one or more of the options provided in the proposed scoping section below.