QSR Headlines and Trends


To find news headlines and significant trends within the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) food and beverage industry. Particular interest is on news and trends around restaurant operations, new technologies, new restaurant concepts, the store/restaurant of the future, new competitors, and new menu, among others.

Early Findings

  • According to a Forbes article dubbed "Quick Service Restaurants Sprint in a New Direction with Focus on Healthy, High-Quality Menus," high-quality menu and healthy alternatives have become inevitable as the Millennial generation spending habits shift towards food outside the home.
  • The Wall Street Journal in 2018 reported that "Growth in Quick-Service Restaurants Outpacing Sit-Down Eateries."
  • As the trend in online ordering picks up, players like McDonald's are taking advantage of the market opportunity. The company relaunched online food ordering service in North and East India that will be facilitated by the McDeliveryTM app.
  • According to QSR Magazine, current trends in fast foods for QSR point to inclinations towards foreign flavors, going green, and third party deliveries (such as McDonald's partnership with UberEats).
  • Some of QSR tech trends include; going cashless with mobile payments, ordering by voice, and self-order kiosk technology.
  • Other trends include automation through robotics and AI technology.
  • According to QSR Magazine, AI is reshaping QSR through better scheduling capabilities, integrated inventory and purchasing, self-serve options, delivery mapping, and management tools
  • Brands such as Chipotle and Chop't are venturing into green products alternatives as a natural extension of their brand message.

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