Toronto & Montreal Meet-ups


Gain an understanding of how people in Toronto and Montreal, Canada feel about meet-ups and professional networking events, including what they enjoy most and least, price sensitivity, offering and price correlation, importance of cultural aspect vs networking quality, and impact of high demand 'sold out' events, in order to I have questions about : Meet-ups/After-work Socializing/Networking /Themed Events in Toronto and Montréal, Canada in order to provide a strategy for a new paid networking event in these cities

Early Findings

While there was limited data on event attendee preference in these specific cities, we did find the following information about what motivates meet-ups and professional networking events as a whole;
  • One source noted that event attendees tend to have a hierarchy of needs, which includes feeling a sense of belonging.
  • A feeling of achievement and status was also a need, which might be more adequately provided by an in demand event of smaller scale than one with unlimited availability.
  • Scarcity, in the form of fear that spots for an event will run out, is also noted to be an effective marketing tool.
  • Social proof that there are many other attendees is also linked to the likelihood a person will want to attend an event, and thus likely to increase their willingness to pay.
  • Another source suggests that the smaller and more intimate a networking event is, the more likely people are to remember it as having value.
  • Self improvement is ranked high in the list of professional values in Canada, which means events that embed seminars or workshops are likely to be popular.

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