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To explore how to create compelling email campaigns to inform a potential marketing campaign to Disney.

Early Findings

How to Pitch an Idea to Disney

  • A bit-dated (but still highly relevant) article from Disney Creative Director Will Gay explains how to pitch to the company. His advice includes: “Focus on telling a story,” which doesn’t mean pulling out all the stops, and just means telling a great story that starts “in one place and end[s] in another – there’s change, struggle, or transformation.”
  • Will Gay also says to practice many many times before presenting, taking as many tips from “great pitchmen and pitchwomen” as can be taken. He recommends studying the great techniques of others and taking inspiration from them. Another recommendation he offers is to “read the room”. If you get in a room with Disney people and it doesn’t seem to be going well, change tactics based on what you’re hearing and seeing from the people to whom you’re pitching.
  • The Disney Creative Director also encourages people making pitches to “speak their language when you sell your ideas.” He recommends tying “your big idea back to key business goals using your audience’s language,” like ROI or conversions, and incorporating “those points into your pitch.” Lastly, he recommends taking your audience on a journey by demonstrating that “you’ve thought about their business just as much as they have … and that you care about it and want it to work.”
  • An article from BizFluent about submitting ideas to Disney encourages anyone wanting to pitch an idea to them to get an agent to represent them. Disney does not take unsolicited ideas “in large part to protect the company from legal claims.” The author states, “Disney’s policy is to reject all unrepresented, unsolicited ideas.”
  • The article encourages people who want to pitch to the company to practice-practice-practice and refine the presentation by presenting to critical and tough-minded friends and colleagues. It also suggests that if Disney doesn’t work out to try a different (smaller) company, as “there are dozens of other companies that may be more receptive,” as well as easier to work with.

Email Marketing Best Practices

  • To create email marketing campaigns that drive results, Hubspot recommends several best practices: use fewer than 3 typefaces in the email, include an email signature on the email, put the “main message and call-to-action above the fold,” personalize the greeting, format the email so that it’s a maximum of 500 – 650 pixels wide, conduct A/B tests on subject lines, calls to action, and language, place the company logo in the top-left corner, and conduct a “five-second test,” which identifies if recipients can spot the CTA (call-to-action) with five seconds. If not – rethink the email or CTA.
  • Other recommendations for successful email marketing campaigns include: send the email at the optimum time (based on the intended audience), keep copy/text simple and clean, make sure to presentation in the email is directly relevant to the recipient, and test everything before sending.

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