Research Outline

UV Penetrable Plastic Sheets


Identify a list of vendors that sell plastic sheets. Amongst those vendors, research whether they provide (i) the UV spectroscopy values of the plastics on the market (ii) and if they provide plastic sheets based on custom dimensions.

Early Findings

Research Methodology:

Our exhaustive research indicated that there are a lot of vendors that provide custom-dimension plastic sheets, but they have not mentioned the values of the UV spectroscopy test. The UV spectroscopy provides a quantitative estimate of the light absorption through a specified wavelength. Please note that this document is meant to conduct a preliminary search of the subject matter, and outline a research strategy, which shall serve as a groundwork for Wonder researchers if the research job is approved.

A list of vendors that are involved in the sale of plastic sheets is mentioned below.

1. ePlastics: a plastic vendor company that provides custom fabrication of plastics based on the client's needs.
2. Emco Industrial Plastics: one of the largest plastics distributor/fabricator in the Northeast United States.
5. MSC