Research Outline

Real-Time Proposal Service - Residential Solar


To obtain information such as the name and website for 5 – 7 software companies that provide real-time proposals for residential solar sales to be used in determining the competitive landscape for a start-up company in the residential solar 'quoting-as-a-service' space.

Early Findings


  • Sighten provides residential solar solutions including a solar design tool that enables solar sales teams to provide "production estimates in minutes" for their customers and deliver customized solar proposals. It is in San Francisco. The company's website can be found here.

Aurora Solar

Solar Logics

  • Solar Logics provides real-time solar proposals based on information from its solar calculator. It is in Chicago. The company's website can be found here.

ENACT Systems

  • ENACT Systems is a global company that offers remote real-time solar proposals for residential or commercial sites and provide estimates. It has a location in San Francisco Bay Area. The company's website can be found here.


  • We identified four competitors in the residential solar 'quoting-as-a-service' space in our first hour of research. These are Sighten, Aurora Solar, Solar Logics, and ENACT Systems; all of which are located in the U.S.